Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

bespoke remapping

Coventry’s Leading Engine and Gearbox Remapping Specialist.

bespoke remapping

Coventry’s Leading Engine and Gearbox Remapping Specialist.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Give your engine the efficiency and power it deserves.

My name is Slavik and I am the founder of X One Tuning. A service created to meet all your bespoke remapping needs. We have helped many customers benefit from a more seamless and efficient car experience and would love to help you too!

Please don’t be shy and get in touch with any questions or possible changes you’d like to make to your car so that we can tailor a solution that best fits you and your needs!

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Guaranteed performance and efficiency enhancements.

Whether it is a remap for performance, economy or a good balance of both.

Vehicle Remapping

If you’re looking to maximise your driving pleasure by gaining sharper throttle response, and reduced turbo lag along with additional power and torque, then an engine remapping is the product for you!


Vehicle Diagnostic

When a car warning light illuminates on your dashboard or an error message or code appears, a car diagnostics check or fault code check can help identify the problem before more serious damage occurs.

Vehicle Immobiliser

As a proud and approved partner of CAN-PHANTOM, we install this device in your vehicle, so you can benefit from extraordinary safety wherever you go.


Our customers are our Engine  –Our customers are our Engine  –


Trusted customers

First class service, very happy with the result on my remap on my Range Rover, very polite and great customer service! Would recommend it to anyone. Looking forward to using X One Tuning for an immobiliser to be fitted on my car towards the end of January!!

Ryan Bains – Range Rover

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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We stand for maximum performance increase and strive for the best
results every day, for our customers and their cars.